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Google Launches AI Education Course Along With $75 Million in Grants

Google, through its AI Opportunity Fund, is doling out $75 million in grants to workforce development and education organizations to teach Americans how to utilize AI, the company said Friday.  “AI offers significant opportunities to accelerate economic growth, particularly if people have access to the right resources and training,” Google’s senior vice president for research, […]


Malicious Google Ads Pushing Fake IP Scanner Software with Hidden Backdoor

Apr 18, 2024NewsroomMalvertising / Endpoint Security A new Google malvertising campaign is leveraging a cluster of domains mimicking a legitimate IP scanner software to deliver a previously unknown backdoor dubbed MadMxShell. “The threat actor registered multiple look-alike domains using a typosquatting technique and leveraged Google Ads to push these domains to the top of search […]


New Google Workspace feature prevents sensitive security changes if two admins don’t approve them – Help Net Security

Google is rolling out multi-party approvals for Google Workspace customers with multiple super admin accounts, the company has announced. What does the feature do? Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a cloud-based set of productivity and collaboration tools/services aimed at enterprise audiences. The (optional) multi-party approvals feature is one of many that were announced by […]


Google sues crypto investment app makers over alleged massive “pig butchering” scam

Two China-based Android app developers are being sued by Google for an alleged scam targeting 100,000 users worldwide through fake cryptocurrency and other investment apps. The company is taking action after scammers reportedly tricked victims with bogus promises of high returns from Android apps offering cryptocurrency investment opportunities. At least 87 fake apps on Google […]