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School Employee Allegedly Framed a Principal With Racist Deepfake Rant

Controversial gunshot-detection company ShotSpotter has deployed more than 25,000 microphones across 170 cities worldwide. This week, WIRED and South Side Weekly revealed the company may continue to provide gunshot data to police in cities even after contracts have ended. Internal emails seen by the publications suggest ShotSpotter sensors may have stayed online despite law enforcement […]

Tech News

Ads for Explicit ‘AI Girlfriends’ Are Swarming Facebook and Instagram

Meta’s online ad library shows the company is hosting thousands of ads for AI-generated, NSFW companion or “girlfriend” apps on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. They promote chatbots offering sexually explicit images and text, using NSFW chat samples and AI images of partially clothed, unbelievably shaped, simulated women. Many of the virtual women seen in ads […]


Security Explorations – Microsoft Warbird and PMP

In a result of its research investigation efforts, Security Explorations, a research lab of AG Security Research company, conducted security analysis of Microsoft Warbird and Protected Media Path technologies. This section of our website presents initial information regarding the project. Microsoft Warbird and Protected Media Path description Microsoft Protected Media Path (PMP) is a set […]


AlphaTheta Omnis Duo review | Juno Daily

A debut controller from Pioneer’s parent company, the Omnis Duo is a unique next-generation offering. Greg Scarth checks out the future. The AlphaTheta Omnis Duo is the first release under the brand name of Pioneer DJ’s parent company. The brand explain that the AlphaTheta name will be used for more experimental products, and doesn’t necessarily […]