Webinar: Kickstarting Your SaaS Security Strategy & Program

Nov 08, 2023The Hacker NewsWebinar / SaaS Security

SaaS Security

SaaS applications make up 70% of total company software usage, and as businesses increase their reliance on SaaS apps, they also increase their reliance on those applications being secure. These SaaS apps store an incredibly large volume of data so safeguarding the organization’s SaaS app stack and data within is paramount. Yet, the path to implementing an effective SaaS security program is not straightforward.

There are numerous potential attack vectors. Security teams need to handle the challenge of gaining control over a diverse range of applications, each having its own unique characteristics. Additionally, the SaaS app environments are dynamic and the proactive configurations needing adjustments from updates, onboarding, deprovisioning, changing roles and permissions and much more, is endless.

If that’s not enough complexity, these applications are managed by various business departments, making it impractical for the security team to exercise complete control.

Join us for an informative webinar with Adaptive Shield’s Award-Winning, Senior Director of Customer Success, Effie Mansdorf, where you will learn the essential steps to successfully implement a robust SaaS security program.

In this latest upcoming webinar, you will learn about:

  • Today’s SaaS Security ecosystem and its challenges
  • The critical steps to launch a robust SaaS Security Program
  • Choosing the right SaaS Security solution to help automate your process

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