The future of cloud security

As organizations around the world prioritize digitization, the focus on cloud security is rapidly growing.

Security flaws such as limited visibility, lack of threat detection and response capabilities, and the inability to detect unknown threats or misconfigurations within cloud environments, can all have devastating consequences.

Misconfigured cloud resources can cause unintentional data leaks, and an inability to detect and respond to threats can allow malicious actors to wreak havoc, with organizations only discovering the damage when it is far too late.

With this in mind, Cyber Security Hub, along with insight from eSentire and Lacework, has conducted a survey of more than 700 cybersecurity professionals from a range of regions, industries and job roles to gain key insights into the current trends, challenges and investment opportunities in the world of cloud security.

Download this report to learn:

  • The primary cloud security concerns of security professionals.
  • Where investments are being made in cloud security controls.
  • Making the business case for cloud security.