Recovering From DJ Fails, Best Place To Livestream, Turntable Love! [Podcast]

Last updated 25 April, 2024

Join Phil Morse and the students of the Digital DJ Tips school, as they look at three burning topics in the world of DJing.

About this podcast

This is the video version of our monthly Inside Track show, where we pick three current issues in the world of DJing and take a deep dive on each.

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Episode Notes

Following the epic DJ fail at Coachella by Grimes, rather than piling in and criticising her, we thought we would use that as a springboard to talk about ways that DJs can avoid the inevitable errors that happen in any DJ set. The conversation on this podcast quickly underlined the fact that these things do happen, but that there are things that you can do to make it less likely, and to recover quicker should it happen. I also shared a classic story from my own past that still has me cringing now.

We moved on to talk about the best place to livestream your DJ sets in 2024, which is a discussion that came out of Twitch saying this week that they are planning to fully legalise DJing with other people’s music on their platform, which will be the final feather in the cap of a platform that is overwhelmingly the place DJs choose to do this stuff. We looked at what you need to DJ livestream, why you might want to, and all the other platforms you could use as well as the obvious here.

Should all DJs own a turntable? On this episode, I give seven reasons why it’s a good idea.

And finally, following Record Store Day 2024, I presented an unashamedly one-sided argument as to why every DJ should own some kind of turntable, which developed with the help of our wonderful student community into a bit of a trip through old music formats and also a bit of a love letter to the turntable.

As ever, this pod is supported 100% by the students of Digital DJ Tips, and it was recorded in a live webinar with lots of student feedback. If you enjoy it and you can, please do give us a five-star rating on Apple Podcasts. It really does make a difference.

Audio version

Here’s what’s covered…

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:14 Episode overview
  • 3:32 How to recover from DJ set errors
  • 18:28 The best place to livestream DJ sets
  • 41:36 Why all DJs should own a turntable

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