DJ.Studio Adds Real-Time Stems & Dynamic Beatgridding – Digital DJ Tips

Last updated 25 April, 2024

DJ mix preparation and exploration app DJ.Studio has just announced that stems are now available within the platform, along with dynamic beatgridding similar to that added recently by Algoriddim to its Djay Pro app.

We’ve tested the stems algorithm and can report that it sounds as good as anyone’s, which means it’s now possible to not only explore transition possibilities with favourite tracks in myriad ways within the app, but to make perfectly-beat and on-key mashups, remixes and re-edits easily with it. Meanwhile, dynamic beatgridding promises to fix our biggest outstanding gripe with the app, opening its use up beyond electronic music to all DJs.

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DJ.Studio has proven to be one of the most exciting, rapidly developed and innovative new pieces of DJ software we’ve seen in many years since it launched just over a year ago. The amount of time, money and thought that’s gone into developing it is astounding, and frankly one of the hardest things to get your head around is what you can do with it – basically because huge new feature sets seem to be added with alarming regularity.

OK so try me, what exactly IS DJ.Studio?

If you think of DJ.Studio as an app that lets you do everything apart from actually playing a DJ set in real time, you’re halfway there. You can think of it as a DAW for DJs, or if you’re old enough to remember, as the archaic Mixmeister app (remember that?)… but on an illegal quantity of futureshock steroids!

Their YouTube mix feature is definitely worth a go!

DJ.Studio is a great tool for things like learning about mixing, preparing things like radio shows and livestream mixes, having fun creating video mixes (due to its YouTube integration), exploring music you don’t own (due to the way it lets you mix with tracks from YouTube and streaming services as if you had actually bought them), and easily sharing your results in innovative and legal ways. It’s not there to replace your DJ software, but to help you do more exciting things with it.

For instance, you can create video DJ mixes with YouTube content and then share them completely legally by simply cutting and pasting a shortlink the app generates for you when you’re done – trust me, the best way to understand this is just to try it. Like so much in this app, it’s hard to explain, but so much fun when you give it a go.

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DJ.Studio runs regular offers and currently has one running to celebrate its one-year birthday, so if you’re interested in giving it a try, head over to their website here.

Meanwhile, we’ve been waiting for the feature set to fill out to a point where we feel it is an app most of our users should consider using. We reckon it’s now getting there, so watch this space for our formal review of it very soon.

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