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Last updated 19 September, 2023

A new tool for Mac users of Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox 6 software, called the Rekordbox Collection Tool, aims to help them better manage their music collections and fix common issues on that platform.

What it does

The tool uses audio fingerprinting technology to power features like removal of duplicates and relocation of lost files.

By using audio fingerprinting technology, the Rekordbox Collection Tool, or RCT, helps DJs to, among other things:

  • Remove duplicate tracks without breaking playlist entries or losing cues/loops and other metadata
  • Add new tracks without accidentally causing duplicates, including moving audio files to a pre-defined storage location based on the playlist the new tracks are added to
  • Easily relocate missing tracks
  • Switch audio format while maintaining cues, loops etc
  • Fix common issues with Pioneer DJ’s Dropbox cloud sync

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RCT has been developed by independent Mac developer ATGR, the company that is also responsible for the popular DJ Conversion Utility (DJCU), a widely used app for moving music collections to and from Rekordbox from other major DJ platforms.

How to get it

Rekordbox Collection Tool is currently in beta, with a release scheduled for the end of September 2023. However, it is possible to buy the beta for €24.50, with the full version of the software available to beta purchasers when it is ready.

Click here to go to the ATGR sales page.

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