Intellijel Tangrams now in stock | Juno Daily

The dual analogue envelope packs some clever features.

Intellijel’s Tangrams dual ADSR/VCA is now in stock. The module is the successor to the excellent Dual ADSR, building on that combination of envelope generator and VCA. Inspired by the snappy analogue envelopes from the Roland SH-101 and System 100m, the Tangrams features two ADSR generators with integrated VCAs and trigger buttons. A voltage-controlled cyclical gate pulser circuit allows you to create delayed one-shots or cycling organic envelopes. Three timing ranges allow you to create ultra-fast envelopes or A/D times up to one minute long. You can find out more in the video above.

The Intellijel Tangrams is in stock now, priced at £227.99.

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