Hudson Mohawke and Tiga join forces as Love Minus Zero – debut album due in December | Juno Daily

Duo share closing track from forthcoming debut

Hudson Mohawke and Tiga, collectively known as Love Minus Zero, will release their first collaborative album in December.

L’Ecstasy is scheduled for release on December 1, with the LP’s closing track ‘In Order 2’ released as a single yesterday.

“Some songs you make, you love more than others. The other songs might sense this and start making out with neighbourhood bad boys to get my attention, but it’s just not going to work,” says Tiga.

Written on a rainswept Los Angeles evening, the closing track from their upcoming debut album, L’Ecstacy, is a moving paean to love lost and regained. “This song captures the whole reason we started making music together — Ross’ perfect melancholic chords allowed me to express a genuine longing that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise” adds Tiga. “And we did it all with some lost neo-warehouse sunrise vibes.” 

Both the single and album artwork were created by famed photographer Wolfgang Tillmans, who graciously reached out after hearing the track during the LMZ Sonar performance in Barcelona. Tillmans said the track struck “a Herznote, or chord close to the heart.” This evocative description was exactly the kind of reaction the duo had hoped to inspire: “Normally you’ll just accept ‘genre-defying’ or ’nuts-to-the-wall’ as a compliment and move on,” says Tiga. “But we saw our intention reflected in his words. Getting to collaborate with a world-class artist like Wolfgang validates the very idea of having emotions at all.”

“In my lifetime, It’s never been easier to not love — there are a million reasons to close yourself off every day,” says Tiga. “But sometimes allowing yourself to love means letting everything in, including all the pain and saxophone solos in the world. Ultimately, though, we wanted to make a song that makes you feel something just by reading about it, and I think we’ve done that. One Love — for real this time, not like all the other times I said it.”