3 Free Laptop Apps That DJs Keep Secret [Live DJing Q&A With Phil Morse]

Last updated
6 October, 2023

In this live lesson replay, we discuss several free laptop apps to make your life easier as a DJ, the best software for livestreaming, DJ platform subscription models, and more!

Here’s what’s covered…

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:48 Free laptop apps that DJs keep quiet about
  • 2:53 What free app can I use to create acapellas?
  • 7:07 How can I record audio from anywhere?
  • 11:50 Which free software can I use to edit audio?
  • 19:55 Is Rekordbox DJ software subscription only?
  • 23:01 What’s the best DJ record pool available in the UK?
  • 25:36 Will Roland make another DJ controller?
  • 26:29 What’s the best DJ controller for beginners?
  • 33:19 What’s the quickest way to record a DJ mix with voiceover?
  • 37:12 What’s the best software for livestreaming?

3 free laptop apps For DJs

Ultimate Vocal Remover lets you prepare high quality acapellas ahead of time on your desktop, and although it’s a bit geeky, it does the job just as well as paid-for options. VB-Cable (Windows) and BlackHole (Mac) make it easy to record any audio on your computer, and will be your go-to apps for grabbing samples. Audacity is a powerful audio editor that helps you optimise any recordings, and one that we use frequently here at Digital DJ Tips.

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