How MDR with proactive threat hunting improves cyber resilience

Cyber attacks are on the rise. Cyber Security Hub research has found that two in five cyber security professionals said the rate and volume of cyber attacks experienced by their organization increased in the past year.

With this increase in cyber attacks, it is no longer enough for cyber security teams to employ only reactive cyber security procedures. While threat detection and response are undoubtedly beneficial, as they function post-infiltration, they can only help organizations after a cyber attack has started. To reduce the impact of new and emerging attacks, cyber security teams must become proactive through threat hunting capabilities and through the use of tools and telemetry where novel threat detections, log runbooks and advanced log management can aid in deep investigations.   

This report will explore the importance of operationalizing proactive threat hunting to help organizations to anticipate, withstand and recover from cyber attacks.

Download this report to learn:

  • The current state of threat hunting, how it is evolving and the outlook for its future.
  • Relevant statistics, expert insight and case studies that highlight the importance of threat hunting.
  • How threat hunting can improve an organization’s ability to detect novel threat tactics, advanced persistent threats and zero-day exploits in the wild.