DJ Library Tool Mixo Hits v1.3 With Host Of New Features – Digital DJ Tips

Last updated 25 September, 2023

Mixo, the “master DJ library” app for your phone and computer, has hit v1.1, adding a host of new features inspired by feedback from the 1.0 DJ user base.

Mixo allows DJs to keep a “master” music library in their Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive cloud storage and easily transfer that library to Serato, VirtualDJ, Traktor, Rekordbox, Mixxx, and now djay Pro – which if you’re running djay Pro on your iOS device, can all be done on the phone itself. It has apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS & Android.

The Mixo team tells us they have recently built a new ID3 Tags Export Tool, which lets users bulk export ID3 tags for all the tracks in their libraries or per-playlist. They’ve also added support for playing tracks in the AVI, MOV and OGV file formats.

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If you use more than one DJ platform, or look at Rekordbox’s cloud solution for prepping tracks on the go and wish you could do that with your software, or you look at library transfer apps from other developers that don’t work on your OS, then you should take a look at Mixo. The only big thing it’s missing is flexible beatgridding, so if you DJ with music that requires more complicated beatgridding that you tweak by hand, it may not be for you just yet.

• Find out more about Mixo 1.1 over on the Mixo website.

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