Can DJs Be Introverted? – Digital DJ Tips

Last updated 20 October, 2023

If you’re introverted, DJing may seem like a bad fit – but is it really? Watch the lesson for some surprising truths, and stick around for gig stories, community insights, and tips for success.

About this lesson

This is a recording of one of our free Thursday Q&A Live DJ lessons – “the show where DJs get answers to things they didn’t know they didn’t know”.

In this lesson, we also discussed the pros and cons to using AI in music production, the one thing new DJs should avoid, where to place hot cues, and much more – timings below. To learn more about how our DJ courses can help you become a better DJ or DJ/producer, check out our courses page.

DJ questions answered this week:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:56 Can introverts become DJs?
  • 21:08 Any tips on using the mic?
  • 22:30 In general, where should DJs place their hot cues?
  • 26:40 What’s one thing new DJs should avoid?
  • 31:30 Can you export a streaming playlist to download stores?
  • 33:15 What are the digital outputs for on CDJs?
  • 38:12 How do you DJ a warm up set before a band?
  • 42:51 Best way to start making mashups?
  • 44:08 Is using a Denon DJ Prime Go considered professional?
  • 45:20 Pros and cons to using AI in music production?
  • 47:56 Why doesn’t Engine DJ provide offline lockers?

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