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2023 data storage conference lineup spotlights memory, cloud | TechTarget

2023 looked a lot like 2019 — at least as far as the data storage conference schedule was concerned.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has substantially subsided, most storage-related events on the calendar this year were fully in person. A new conference has even joined the stalwarts of the data storage conference lineup.

Memory is a major player in 2023. In fact, three of the shows in this group had a strong memory focus and mentioned the topic in the title. In addition, cloud and security — specifically the continued presence of ransomware — were other key subjects.

This data storage conference list continues to update. Notably, some past shows have uploaded video of sessions for people who were unable to attend.

SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference, Sept. 18-21, Fremont, Calif.

Storage Networking Industry Association’s (SNIA) Storage Developer Conference was back in person, as it was in 2022, with topic areas such as computational storage, DNA data storage, emerging technologies, storage architecture and sustainability. Session videos, many available on demand, featured the subject of “storage in space,” AI for object storage, distributed storage security and storage sanitization.

Flash Memory Summit, Aug. 8-10, Santa Clara, Calif.

Flash Memory Summit was dedicated to both memory and storage. Topics included DRAM, DNA storage, Compute Express Link (CXL), AI and machine learning, data centers, 3D flash and NVMe. IBM, Intel, Kioxia, SNIA and Western Digital were among the speakers’ organizations. The show has posted videos of keynote sessions.

HPE Discover, June 20-22, Las Vegas

For the 2023 edition, HPE Discover again placed a major focus on “edge to cloud.” Tracks were AI and analytics, compute, connectivity and edge, data management, high-performance computing and supercomputing, hybrid cloud, security and sustainability. HPE concentrated on its GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform at the show. Sessions, including the keynote by HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri, are online.

Pure//Accelerate, June 14-16, Las Vegas

Pure Storage presented its Pure//Accelerate data storage conference with tracks that featured sustainability, data protection and security, cloud, AI and analytics, data access and containers. At the show, Pure pushed its flash storage line and released new hardware and ransomware recovery planning capabilities. On-demand sessions are available to watch on the Pure//Accelerate website.

Dell Technologies World, May 22-25, Las Vegas

Dell Technologies World returned to in person this year, as it was in 2022. Launches in conjunction with the 2023 show included additions to the Dell Apex line, security updates to PowerStore and the unveiling of the Dell NativeEdge remote management software suite. Storage sessions covered issues such as ransomware protection, storage as a service, object storage and Kubernetes. Speakers included CEO Michael Dell and other executives, plus director James Cameron and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

SNIA Compute+Memory+Storage Summit, April 11-12, virtual

Previously known as Persistent Memory+Computational Storage Summit, the 11th annual event from SNIA is now Compute+Memory+Storage Summit. The virtual show featured topics such as computational storage uses, the CXL interconnect, cyber recovery and the future of memory industry standards. Speakers represented Intel, Samsung and VMware, among other organizations. On-demand viewing is available on the SNIA website.

MemCon, March 28-29, Mountain View, Calif.

New conference MemCon was focused on end users and systems. Event themes included disaggregated and composable infrastructure, the CXL interconnect, memory pooling and hierarchical memory, and computational memory and storage. The conference focused on the intersections among systems design, emerging memories, storage and CXL, and other technologies, according to the event website. Speakers included representatives from Google, Micron, Microsoft, Nvidia, Oracle and Samsung. Organizers have already announced the show will return in March 2024.

But wait, there’s more

Here are other past and future conferences to check out: