Zed Bias officially launches IFG label with Amsterdam bash | Juno Daily

UKG legend goes global for 25th year in the business

Zed Bias aka Dave Jones is to offically launch his new IFG label with a party in Amsterdam later this month.

IFG will release many of Mr Bias’ new productions and collaborations, as well as some sought-after old gems. It’ll be officially launched on October 21 at Amsterdam’s renowned Club NYX as part of the Amsterdam Dance Event. Zed will also be giving a music production and AI masterclass the day before (October 20) and on October 21 will also play his first vinyl-only set in 21 years at the Rush Hour Records store.

The inaugural release on IFG records, ‘You Should Dance’ featuring the award-winning drum and bass MC, and lauded poet, INJA. The second release, scheduled for November 2023, is a true UKG rarity – the original 1998 version of ‘Neighbourhood’ featuring MC Rumpus.

The third, just announced, is the roots reggae-inspired banger ‘London Town’ featuring Shumba Youth, which was performed live at this year’s Glastonbury Festival to over 25,000 people on the Greenpeace stage and will come in both 7″ and 12″ remix formats.

The release schedule for 2024 includes a slew of club smashers, featuring Yung Saber, Brakeman, ScruFizzer and Watch The Ride.

In 2024, Zed Bias – who recently remixed the new Streets single ‘Troubled Water – will celebrate his 25th year releasing music. He’s in the process of arranging a world tour to celebrate his first quarter century.

Check the IFG catalogue here