Zed Bias anthem ‘Neighbourhood’ gets vinyl release | Juno Daily

Release includes never heard drum & bass mix

Legendary UK garage producer Zed Bias is gearing up to re-issue his classic garage anthem ‘Neighbourhood’, a track that became an instant classic upon its initial release.

Originally released in 1999 on Sidewinder Recordings through legendary garage Locked On label, ‘Neighbourhood’ quickly became a staple on UK radio and club playlists, earning Zed Bias a legion of fans and establishing him as one of the most innovative producers in the UK garage scene.

The track features distinctive vocals from MC Rumpus, which are chopped, screwed, and looped to perfection by Zed Bias, creating a hypnotic and infectious groove that has been imitated but never duplicated.

Now, 24 years later, ‘Neighbourhood’ is set to make a comeback, thanks to a re-issue on the Zed Bias’s brand new label (in conjunction with Juno Distribution), I Feel Good (IFG) Records. The new release will feature the orgional 98 version, as well as the popular El-B remix, along with a brand new jungle remix by Dawn Raid. The Dawn Raid remix stays true to the original, retaining the iconic vocal sample and infectious groove, but adds a modern touch with slick new production and updated drums and bass.

Pre-order your copy of ‘Neighbourhood’ here