Wireshark 4.2.0 released, open-source packet analysis gets even better – Help Net Security

Wireshark, the popular network protocol analyzer, has reached version 4.2.0.

Wireshark 4.2.0

Wireshark 4.2.0: Notable changes

  • Wireshark supports dark mode on Windows.
  • Packet list sorting has been improved.
  • Wireshark and TShark are now better about generating valid UTF-8 output.
  • A new display filter feature for filtering raw bytes has been added.
  • Display filter autocomplete is smarter about not suggesting invalid syntax.
  • Tools › MAC Address Blocks can lookup a MAC address in the IEEE OUI registry.
  • The installation target no longer installs development headers by default.
  • The Wireshark installation is relocatable on Linux (and other ELF platforms with support for relative RPATHs).
  • Wireshark can be compiled on Windows using MSYS2, and cross-compiled for Windows using Linux.
  • Tools › Browser (SSL Keylog) can launch your web browser with the SSLKEYLOGFILE environment variable set to the appropriate value.

Wireshark is available for free download here.

New protocol support

Aruba UBT, ASAM Capture Module Protocol (CMP), ATSC Link-Layer Protocol (ALP), DECT DLC protocol layer (DECT-DLC), DECT NWK protocol layer (DECT-NWK), DECT proprietary Mitel OMM/RFP Protocol (also named AaMiDe), Digital Object Identifier Resolution Protocol (DO-IRP), Discard Protocol, FiRa UWB Controller Interface (UCI), FiveCo’s Register Access Protocol (5CoRAP), Fortinet FortiGate Cluster Protocol (FGCP), GPS L1 C/A LNAV navigation messages, GSM Radio Link Protocol (RLP), H.224, High Speed Fahrzeugzugang (HSFZ), Hypertext Transfer Protocol version 3 (HTTP/3), ID3v2, IEEE 802.1CB (R-TAG), Iperf3, JSON 3GPP, Low Level Signalling (ATSC3 LLS), Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP), Management Component Transport Protocol – Control Protocol (MCTP CP), Matter home automation protocol, Microsoft Delivery Optimization, Multi-Drop Bus (MDB), Non-volatile Memory Express – Management Interface (NVMe-MI) over MCTP, RDP audio output virtual channel Protocol (rdpsnd), RDP clipboard redirection channel Protocol (cliprdr), RDP Program virtual channel Protocol (RAIL), SAP Enqueue Server (SAPEnqueue), SAP GUI (SAPDiag), SAP HANA SQL Command Network Protocol (SAPHDB), SAP Internet Graphic Server (SAP IGS), SAP Message Server (SAPMS), SAP Network Interface (SAPNI), SAP Router (SAPROUTER), SAP Secure Network Connection (SNC), SBAS L1 Navigation Messages (SBAS L1), SINEC AP1 Protocol (SINEC AP), SMPTE ST2110-20 (Uncompressed Active Video), Train Real-Time Data Protocol (TRDP), UBX protocol of u-blox GNSS receivers (UBX), UDP Tracker Protocol for BitTorrent (BT-Tracker), UWB UCI Protocol, Video Protocol 9 (VP9), VMware HeartBeat, Windows Delivery Optimization (MS-DO), Z21 LAN Protocol (Z21), Zabbix, ZigBee Direct (ZBD), and Zigbee TLV.