Where To Get DJ Gigs In 2023 (Beyond Clubs & Festivals) – Digital DJ Tips

Last updated 24 October, 2023

If local clubs are dying, where should DJs be looking for gigs? From “tribute nights” to sporting events, we’ve got suggestions here that go way beyond typical clubs and festivals (plus loads of community ideas, too). If you’re wondering where to get DJ gigs right now, the advice offered in this live show replay should help.

Here’s what’s covered..

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 4:50 Tribute nights
  • 6:59 Local gyms & fitness clubs
  • 7:52 Family rave nights
  • 9:16 Sporting events
  • 10:48 Restaurants & cafes
  • 12:09 Vehicle booths
  • 13:34 Nature raves
  • 15:21 Going beyond gigs

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