Spunsugar tease new LP with dreamgazing ‘White Sneakers’video | Juno Daily

Scandinavian alt rockers release new album next week

pic: David Moller

Spunsugar tease the forthcoming release of their second album with video for the track ‘White Sneakers’.

A Hole Forever is released on November 17 via Adrian Recordings, arriving three years after the trio, from Malmo in Sweden, dropped their debut LP Drive Through Chapel.

‘White Sneakers’ references a one-sided love affair whose defining feature was their white basketball shoes.

“Growing up as the offspring of farmers, Bible belt fundamentalists and trailer trash” in small towns of Sweden, Spunsugar consists of band members Cordelia Moreau, Elin Ramstedt and Felix Sjöström. Each member carries a separate musical background, creating a melting pot of their distinct influences. Some of the group’s most cherished artists are Cocteau Twins, Red House Painters, Hole, Electric Youth, Ramones and Misfits.

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