Sleaford Mods singer thanks fans for defending him in Palestine flag row, as PSB cover for Shelter announced | Juno Daily

‘West End Girls’ cover personally approved by Pet Shop Boys

Jason Wiliamson from Sleaford Mods has thanked fans for defending him in the recent row about a Palestninian flag thrown on stage during a show.

The duo cut short their Madrid show after the flag was repeatedly thrown on stage at the La Riviera venue. Williamson said, via X, at the time: “Don’t be asking me to pick sides for something I ain’t got any real idea about, at a gig. I’m a singer. My job is music. The only real thing I know about War is that I’m sick and tired of premature death like we all are. Of the murder of anyone, under whatever fucking belief…”

In a message to the Sleaford Mods fan grop on Facebook, today, he said:

“Wotcha it’s Jase innit. Just wanted to say thank you to all that defended my honour last week. Very decent of you. Hope to see some of you at the gigs over the next two weeks. Uk tours are always weird. Always feel like you’re playing to the family at Christmas ???? but yea, hope to see some of you and I hope you are all ok n that. Thanks again to some of you for being decent. Jason ❤️❤️❤️

Meanwhile, the band’s cover of ‘West End Girls’ cover, which was personally approved by the Pet Shop Boys, was released yesterday, complete with new video. All proceeds will be going to homeless charity Shelter.

“West End Girls is a song that’s very close to my heart, my coming-of-age track in so many ways,” says Andrew Fearn of their motivation to pay homage to Pet Shop Boys. 

Jason Williamson continues: “I’ve been listening to the Pet Shop Boys’ albums Please and Actually a lot, the music still fits this landscape so well. When Andrew suggested we cover West End Girls, it was important to honour the track’s brilliance. So, when Neil and Chris gave the track their blessing our tiny minds were blown, and when we received their remix… it was almost too much. It was brilliant!”

For their part Pet Shop Boys say they were suitably impressed with the 2023 take on their classic, declaring: “Sleaford Mods have brought East End boys back to the West End streets for a great cause and we love their new version.”

The band play

22nd November Birmingham O2 Academy

23rd November Glasgow O2 Academy

25th November Dublin National Stadium (SOLD OUT)

28th November Leeds O2 Academy

29th November Manchester Victoria Warehouse

30th November Bristol O2 Academy (SOLD OUT)

2nd December London Alexandra Palace

The Sleaford Mods remix of Pole, meanwhile, is on sale on ‘Tempus – The Remixes’ EP on November 27