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5 Sep

Debut full album from the French maverick is a fantasy tale about overcoming mental illness

French electronic virtuoso Simo Cell’s debut album Cuspide des Sirènes drops next month – and we’ve persuaded the alt house maverick to chat us through it track by track.

Described as “a fantasy tale of overcoming mental difficulties… a wondrous menagerie of anthropomorphism, where sounds create characters and tools; the mermaid-like Sirens, the mind controlling Octopus and the Magic Conch Shell.”

The Paris based producer commented: Have you heard of the legend of ‘Cuspide des Sirènes’? This is not a simple tale, but an incredible tapestry woven over many years and through countless wondrous adventures. I will recount the legend as it was recorded in the ancient scrolls.

“The album’s story explores the themes of magic, enchantment, charm, and allure, but also personal fears. The protagonist (me) embarks on a quest to find the hidden lake and confront his own demons, in order to understand and master his own power.

The protagonist is armed with a powerful conch shell. As he embarks on his journey, he will encounter Sirens who will teach him various chants. These melodies hold unique powers and grant the main character the strength to confront and overcome any danger that may arise.”

In addition to the vinyl pressing, the LP will also be available as alternative 8-bit versions on a limited edition Game Boy video game cartridge.

The album – out on October 14 and available to pre-order now – is meant to be experienced as a seamless narrative from start to finish, so let the man himself be your guide as he guides you through it one track at a time.

prelude to a quest

Every quest begins with an introductory theme. You are entering the garbled vortex of a paranormal trip. Let me lead you way down the rabbit hole.

blow the conch

Before starting, equipping yourself with a reliable weapon is essential. Here is your magic Conch Shell. It possesses legendary abilities that can be harnessed by playing specific melodies or by playing it at specific moments. Additionally, if you become tired during your journey, you may play the Conch Shell at your discretion. Explore its remarkable features, such as half-tone or whole-tone shift vibratos.


The world of mystery that lies ahead is elusive, like a hidden myth waiting to be uncovered. All we know is there’s a secret lake upstream with some hybrid creatures, and you’ll have to take on the strong river currents. It’s a significant challenge, defying the natural flow of things.

behind the waterfall

Head upstream in the river, where most folks reach a waterfall with no apparent way in. Pay close attention, and you might catch the mesmerizing tune drifting from that waterfall. The sirens are calling you.

polite rudboi

A true polite rudboi is renowned for blending courteous and respectful conduct with a hint of distinctive attitude and style. Mastering the polite rudboi art is key to continuing your adventure.


Let’s get to know the sirens. Not much is known about these captivating beings, but rumor has it that they can share unique and potent gifts upon lucky adventurers who find them. These gifts come in the form of enchanting melodies for your conch shell, offering special knowledge that can be handy in battles.


As your journey continues, be cautious of the big octopus! Possessing a gelatinous mass, it has the ability to administer a deadly electric shock. However, the most perilous aspect of this mindless creature lies in its psychic abilities. The monster can infiltrate your mind and seize control over your brain.

leave me alone

It’s an epic battle, a relentless struggle against the formidable octopus that has unearthed long-buried traumas from your past. In this fierce confrontation, you find yourself locked in combat with your inner demons.

where u from

The battle raged like an inferno… You’re left feeling broken, but you’re still standing. What happened, and who’s that looking back in the mirror? Is this still you? You seem familiar yet different.


Don’t forget, the sirens have got your back. Here is a new magic melody to learn. Grab your trusty conch shell, and groove to the rejuvenating tune. You’re starting to feel better.

rainbow dance

The wise often remark that evil, while it can be diminished, can never be entirely vanquished. Yet here you stand, having confronted your inner demons on this journey, emerging with a newfound sense of lightness and vitality. This marks an epic moment, a time to savor the rewards of your growth.


This is when you finally stumbled upon the hidden gem, known as Lac de Grand-Lieu. It’s not just a mythical name; it’s a real place located in the west of France. This lake stands as one of the largest in the country, and the very narrator of our tale lives really close by. Remarkably, this body of water has existed for more than 4000 years, a testament to its enduring sacredness and natural grandeur. Yet, it took a considerable span for the narrator to recognize the profound uniqueness of this place.

Isn’t it peculiar how we can often overlook the treasures right under our noses? Our curiosity frequently leads us to distant horizons.

Indeed, it’s a humbling revelation. For all the adventures we embark upon, all the places we journey to, we sometimes forget that everything we need is just in front of our eyes.

Check Simo Cell’s catalogue on the Juno Records store

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