RipX DAW Blurs Line Between Stems Extraction & Production Software

Last updated 7 November, 2023

Hit’n’Mix has announced the launch of RipX DAW and RipX DAW Pro, marking a significant evolution of its award-winning RipX stems extraction and manipulation software. This release offers musicians, producers, and DJs unprecedented control over obtaining and manipulating stems, and is the first DAW to seamlessly integrate audio and Midi, treating them “as one” through its Rip Audio format. This simplifies in-the-mix editing in ways that traditional waveform and Midi-based software cannot.

Among its features, RipX DAW provides the leading technology for audio separation and in-the-mix note and chord editing. Hit’n’Mix is pushing its ability to dissect and allow customisation of outputs from AI music generators, but it also includes a built-in library and a variety of automated effects for extensive experimentation.

The software comes in two versions, both of which move way past simple stems separation towards being a fully fledged new breed of DAW entirely.

The Pro version takes it further by adding advanced stem and AI Music Generator cleanup, Audioshop sound manipulation tools, and professional DAW features. It allows for precise tweaking at the harmonic level and includes Python scripting for complete programmatic control over audio.

To commemorate the launch, Hit’n’Mix is offering a 30% discount on RipX DAW, RipX DAW Pro, and upgrades from now to 7 December 2023. Additionally, free upgrades are available for existing owners of RipX DeepRemix & DeepCreate to RipX DAW, and from RipX DeepAudio to RipX DAW Pro.

First Thoughts

For DJs and music producers, the capabilities of RipX DAW could be a game-changer.

At a high level, the blending of audio and Midi into a single, malleable format offers a new level of creative freedom.

But the ability to extract and manipulate individual instruments and notes from complete tracks paves the way for DJs to remix and re-imagine songs for their sets in a way not possible until now.

The in-built library and automated effects can also fuel creativity, allowing DJs to add new textures and layers to their mixes without needing external plugins.

RipX has moved way past being just easy-to-use, flexible stems extraction software. It is rapidly becoming a self-contained DAW for the sampling generation, and until the likes of Ableton Live and Logic catch up (notably, FL Studio is making moves in this direction too), it’s got a niche carved for itself that this new DAW version exploits even further.

• RipX DAW is $99/£99/€114, and RipX DAW Pro is $198/£198/€228, with 30% off from now to 7 Dec 2023 and free upgrades for RipX DeepRemix & DeepCreate and RipX DeepAudio owners.
There’s a 21-day free trial of RipX DAW Pro available. For more info visit

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