Rekordbox Now Works With Google Drive – Digital DJ Tips

Last updated 14 August, 2023

DJs choosing to use the cloud library feature in Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox platform can now choose Google Drive as an alternative to Dropbox with Rekordbox 6.7.4, which has just been released.

Pioneer DJ has announced that the software is compatible with Google Drive in Cloud Library Sync – a function that enables centralised management of DJ music libraries across multiple devices.

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Previously, Cloud Library Sync was only compatible with Dropbox cloud storage, but it now supports Google Drive too – although the all-inclusive Professional package offered by Pioneer DJ continues to bundle an unlimited Dropbox account as its preferred provider.

What is Cloud Library Sync?

Cloud Library Sync is a function that synchronises libraries in the cloud across multiple computers and iOS/Android. By linking your Dropbox (and now Google Drive) account with your Rekordbox account, you can upload tracks in your library from Rekordbox to your cloud storage. And if you log in with the same Rekordbox account, you can access the library from multiple PC/Mac computers, so you can seamlessly manage your library from any device.

• Check out all the details on the Rekordbox website.

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