Premiere – Westcoast Goddess shares insurgent house anthem ‘Change Is Comin” | Juno Daily

‘Time 4 Change’ EP – four doses of uplifting, spiritual house

Berlin Via Waterford house enigma Westcoast Goddess is preparing to serve up a new EP of hardware-formed Chicago and Detroit influenced house music for fledgling label Intrinsic Rhythm.

The ‘Time 4 Change’ EP is classic house gilded with r&b and gospel influences and with thanks to artist and label alike, we’re able to bring you premiere of one of its highlights – the uplifting ‘Change Is Comin” – well ahead of its November 3 release.

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“This track In particular takes classic drum machine programming alongside a musically rich chord pattern and skillful technique to make me think that truly,” says label boss Eddie Reynolds aka TR-One.

Westcoast Goddess commented: “I was making a lot of tracks at 120bpm and below so decided to try something new and pushed the tempo up to 126 on my 909. I came up with a gospel chord sequence on the Kawai MP6 that sounded good and novel to my ears. I sensed some vocal samples could work  and pretty quickly stumbled across the vocals you hear in the finished track, which fit the chords and groove like a glove.. the whole tune took about three hours from start to finish and was easy to arrange.. it was a joy to make on a fortuitous day in the studio where everything just fell into place without too much trying.”

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