Premiere – Vaudafunk evokes the spirit of classic New York nightlife with ‘Disco Manina’ for Manzo Edits | Juno Daily

Glitterballs at the ready

The mysterious Manzo Edits series is onto volume three, but you don’t need to wait until its release date – September 21 – to get a taste.

Vaudafunk, one of the Italian label’s edit crew, has kindly shared his super shiny disco jam ‘Disco Manina’ in full for lucky Juno Daily readers.

Vaudafunk told us: “It all began with a simple idea – I wanted to create something unique for my sets, something different from the usual tracks with those classic ’70s orchestral hooks. I was looking for something more “dubby”, something that had a bit of depth but still maintained an elegant vibe. I guess you could say I was in the mood for something different, like using short, chopped, and repeated samples.

“As I was exploring ’70s and ’80s New York tunes, I stumbled upon a fantastic record in a compilation from a legendary venue of that time. I really vibed with this record, but it needed some tweaking to fit my style.
Here’s where it got interesting – instead of playing it at the usual 33RPM, I decided to spin it at 45RPM on the turntable. That small change completely transformed the track, making it almost unrecognizable in a cool way. I sliced it up, laid down a groovy bassline, borrowed a smooth vocal, and voilà, the track was born!”

Hear the track on Souncloud:

Preview the whole EP here:

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