Premiere & Q&A: Sandwell District’s Silent Servant offers up fluid techno masterpiece ‘M-00’ | Juno Daily

Thumping triumph pays tribute turn-of-the-millienium techno

As a member of pan-continental crew Sandwell District and a lone wolf producer alike, Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant is one of the most recognisable names – and sounds – in the techno underground today.

As well as touring with the new Sandwell District live outfit this Autumn, he’s just about to release a new four track EP through Tresor, ‘In Memoriam’, which doffs its musical cap to four different eras in electronic music.

He and Tresor have kindly allowed Juno Daily readers the chance to hear the final track ‘M-00’ ahead of its release on November 24, which as you’ve probably already worked out concentrates on the turn of the millenium. The track is sleek and fluid, a trademark mixture of evocative atmospheres and heavy, edgy beats.

He also took the time to answer a few of our probing questions… scroll down for more.

Listen to ‘M-00’ on YouTube:

Preview the whole EP on the Juno player:

Are we right in thinking this is your first full solo release in five years… How come and what else have you been up to?

That is actually not correct ???? I had this 12″ on LIES that I was very proud of due to having the chance to work with Stephen Malinder from Cabaret Voltaire on vocals on one of the tracks.

The four tracks pay tribute to different pivotal developments in techno, talk us through them and tell us what gave you the idea.

This EP is First time I have been able to take all my memories and influences and distill them into musical form.

From my love of detroit techno (model 500 & cybotron)  // M-87

to the more Wave EBM  // M-90

to the dub techno world of basic channel and and chain reaction  // M-99

and finally to Techno from new york, berlin and the UK of the 2000s //  M-00

What is it like looking back on those specific times with the benefit of hindsight – it must have brought back a lot of memories…. But does time warp your perception and affect what sounds you see as being genre-defining.

Mainly seeing the cycle of how things come in and out of fashion. the thing that i see important is having a point of view on things you like and finding quality and  honesty in music that is relevant you as a individual. 

You’ve been doing live shows as part of Sandwell District recently – how have they been? 

Shows have been awesome. I love Karl and Dave like family .

It must be weird to re-visit the Feed Forward days as well, a very distinct moment in time, and see it adopted by new audiences…

It does not feel weird.  Feels natural and things happen as time allows. Things happened as they did and will continue happen as they do…

As the District’s visual chief, are you behind the A/V element of the live show?  What did you want to achieve with that?

I achieved Exactly what I thought was needed.

We made Something that was relevant to us and still remains relevant to us. 

Influences distilled in a blender and snap shot my mind. 

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