Premiere – Eloi shares the acid tinged smooth house of ‘You’ll Keep Going’ | Juno Daily

Young Parisian already scaling the heights of house

Eloi is a young Parisian electronic music artist who blends the vibrancy of his city and the serene escapism of the Fontainebleau forest into his creative process, has shared the title track of his new EP.

‘You’ll Keep Going’ is a smooth house roller with the sublest acid house edges, and it heads up the full six track EP of the same name, which is out on October 23 through the Deeppa label.

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Initiated into electronic music nearly a decade ago, his journey began with youthful dabblings on GarageBand, which evolved into a deeper exploration of the extensive emotional and stylistic terrain of the genre. His forthcoming ‘You’ll Keep Going’ EP intertwines deep house with leftfield influences, producing a distinct blend of emotional melodies and compelling grooves.

Eloi combines a great expertise in the art of sampling with a unique approach to sound creation, employing instruments such as MS-20 mini and JU-06, and exploiting guitar pedals and a flea-market tape recorder, resulting in a distinctive yet well-defined lo-fi sound.

His influences range from classic house artists such as Paul Johnson to modern artists such as Saine as well as funk and hip-hop culture. He has several self-productions to his credit and a vinyl release on the fine white Ltd, W/Lbl (with a second EP planned on this label for 2024). Delicately balancing his love of climbing and his intimate dance with synths and sounds, Eloi interweaves his multi-faceted life and inspirations, evoking evocative electronic tales from the heart of Paris.

Preview the full EP here:

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