Premiere – Arthur Clees shares the tactile experimentalism of ‘Taking My Breath’ | Juno Daily

First listen to the experimental debut from Clees, out tomorrow

A young prodigy drummer, percussionist and vocalist with a multitude of performances and sessions under his belt, Arthur Clees makes rich, hypnotic soundscapes.

On the eve of the release of his debut album Stay, Temporary Home, the 21-year-old from Luxembourg has shared a track from it, the edgy but melancholy ‘Taking My Breath’.

Hear the track on YouTube:

or Soundcloud

“Like most of the tracks on the album,” he told us, “‘Taking my Breath’ is based on voice memos and song sketches I record on my phone in situations where I want to capture ideas, but don’t have the right recording equipment on me. I often end up using snippets from the actual phone recordings for the final versions, because I like how imperfect they sound and that there are always very unique textures hidden within.

“With ‘Taking my Breath’ specifically, I wanted to have a ‘bittersweet’ track towards the end of the album; one that feels melancholic but uplifting at the same time. Hence it was important to me that the track does not really stop building up; where you’d expect a breakdown of some sort, the synths just keep getting louder and eventually drown out the vocal samples.”

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