Platinum Notes 10 Fixes Up DJ Music Files Better Than Ever

Last updated 27 October, 2023

Mixed in Key has announced Platinum Notes 10, the latest version of its “audio enhancer” (ie auto mastering) software for DJs, designed to help DJs make sure their music files are all at the same volume and also to improve the dynamics, pitch and other things.

What’s new in Platinum Notes 10?

The big change here for DJs over previous versions is that there is now an option for Platinum Notes to not make a new file when it improves your music, meaning that your cues, loops, waveforms and so on as analysed by your DJ software won’t have to be done again – the biggest bug-bear with previous versions.

This makes it much more useful for DJs wanting to fix up collections which they built up before using this software. Whether you use the software to create a new version of each file as before, or you replace the existing versions as just described, it will always keep a backup.

Other changes include optimisations for the Mac M1 chip, the option to automatically match input and output audio file format, a new auto template designed to sound best with highly saturated, loud music from platforms like Beatport, and overall improved audio processing thanks to a new partnership with KiloHearts.

Our Thoughts

Platinum Notes has always divided DJs. Some think that DJs have no place remastering music that’s already been mastered, especially with an auto program like this. Whereas for others, getting their music to the same volume as everything else in their collection along with some of the other things Platinum Notes can do definitely makes it worth using.

Unfortunately there’s never been a trial version of Platinum Notes for DJs to try it for themselves so buying the software does involve a leap of faith. Platinum Notes 10 is $98 new, or to upgrade from the previous version it’s $49.

All we can say is that if your collection comprises music from many sources and at many different qualities, possibly collected over many years, it could just be that Platinum Notes is the software you need to hang everything together and to improve the audio quality of all of your files at least a bit, but especially of those that really could do with a bit of a helping hand. At the very least it will lead to nice, fat waveforms for all tracks when you load them into your DJ software!

• Learn more about Platinum Notes 10 over on their website.

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