‘Lost’ Model 500 track to surface on new Detroit/Berlin collaborative EP | Juno Daily

Tresor and Carhartt join forces for a tale of two techno cities

A ‘lost’ track by Juan Atkins’ Model 500 will see the light of day on a new EP exploring the links between artists from Detroit and Berlin.

‘030313’ has been put together by Berlin-based label Tresor – an early adopter of and home for Detroit techno artists – in conjunction with clothing company Carhartt, a company with roots in the American city. The EP sees three artists from each city contributing a track each, with Model 500, Ectomorph and AMX representing Detroit and DJ Stingray 313, JakoJako and Erik Jabari on the Berlin side. It’s released on May 23.

Details of the Model 500 track, titled ‘I.D.L.E’, are thin on the ground but we can confirm it was recorded back in 2020 in the Metroplex Studios and features and r&b-style male vocal refrain over a framework of skeletal, speedy electro.

The Ectomorph track, meanwhile, was one was one of nine tracks composed in an intense week long session before their first show after the pandemic, part of the Tresor 31 festival in the summer of 2022. The week before, Ectomorph member Erika’s gear was lost on the way to perform at Freerotation in Wales, so she was working on borrowed analogue equipment, with BMG adding modular flourishes and beats with a modified TR 606 and 303.

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