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The man behind the Mask

ZentaSkai certainly doesn’t do things by halves. You might think starting to create an album was simply a matter of switching on the machines, hitting a few keys and seeing what happened next.

That may well be the case for some. But before embarking on writing his latest LP The Architecture Of The Mind, the techno don decided to undertake a period of research into the underlying structure and organisation of the human brain. The Berlin-based artist then took what had been learned and kept it in mind when writing the music that marks his own Mask label’s first album release. It comes with extensive background notes on each track, and an operational manual of sorts – notes from the artists as to the effects each piece will have on those who hear them.

“The message conveyed by this album is that life itself is filled with music,” he told us, “but our egos often prevent us from being in harmony with this symphony. Inner chaos and silence can be challenging to bear, leading us to seek solace in external noise. We have constructed a barrier between our inner and outer worlds, causing us to lose touch with the rhythm of harmony.

“However, by embracing the illusion of separation and dancing to good music, we can rediscover harmony with ourselves and our environment. To fully experience the essence of the album, it should be played loudly on a proper sound system or high-quality headphones. By immersing themselves in the music, individuals can engage with its transformative power and potentially find a deeper connection with their own minds and surroundings.”

We’re not sure what research he undetook before agreeing to do us an hour long mix for the Juno Daily: In The Mix, but whatever it was, we’re glad to report we evidently passed the test.

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1.     Terekke – Another (Music from Memory)

2.     Peter Zherebtsov – Timelapse (Ural Music)

3.     ZentaSkai – Mind Mapping (Mask)

4.     Fumiya Tanaka – Respect the man (Sundance)

5.     Takashi Himeoka – Langston (Blue Ciel)

6.     Romar – Clouds (Saga)

7.     Julie Marghilano & Miss Jools – Chasing illusions feat. MZ Sunday Luv (Hypertone)

8.     ZentaSkai – Flow Dreaming (Mask)

9.     Pressure Point – Ghost on Tape (Pluie/Noir Recordings)

10.  Andrey Djackonda – Lacrimosa (Mixcult)

11.  Unknown artist – Prisoners Of The Sun (OGE)

12.  ZentaSkai – Boiling Range (Mask)

13.  Stereofuse – Royal Flash (phonica)

14.  Private Press- .370 (Oblique Music)

15.  D.B. – Subtleties (Flux White)

16.  ZentaSkai  & Jeremy Reinhard – Karl-Marx-Allee (Mask)

17.  Unknown artist – untitled (Mask)