Juno Daily – In The Mix: Mehmet Aslan | Juno Daily

Swiss scene expert with a mountain of top tuneage

Swiss-Turkish, Berlin-based producer and DJ Mehmet Aslan explores the far reaches of the Swiss post-punk, experimental and electronic scenes on his new compilation Senza Decoro: Liebe & Anarchia in Switzerland 1980-1990.

“It was like a wild laboratory for all forms of new and strange sounds,” he says. 

In celebration of its release, Mehmet has created an exclusive mix for Juno Daily featuring some of the album’s highlights and a few other choice gems thrown in for good measure.

Mix tracklisting:

1. Double – Naningo

2. Dr. Chattanooga & Navarones – Kabyl Marabu

3. Yello – She’s Got A Gun (Instrumental)

4. Fizzè – Cuisine

5. Nacht’Raum – Maria Flieg

6. Guyer’s Connection – Pogo of Techno

7. Schamanen Circel – Arbeiter (The Worker)

8. Sarah Röben – Swallowed

9. Stephan Wittwer – Der Rechte Weg – End Title, Extended Version, parts 1 & 2

10. Bells of Kyoto – Asho II

11. Schaltkreis Wassermann – Arabesque

12. Les Reines Prochaines – Schlafen ist individuelle Anarchie

13. Café Türk – Söyledir

14. Mother’s Ruin –  Laugh and Shout

Buy your vinyl copy of Senza Decoro: Liebe & Anarchia in Switzerland 1980-1990 by clicking here