How to strengthen email security and protection against advanced ransomware attacks

Cybercrime is evolving and phishing attacks are becoming more targeted. Still, some 75 percent of ransomware attacks continue to originate from email, with attackers working together to hunt down the smallest of openings to generate multi-million-dollar ransoms.

Cyber Security Hub’s research reveals that phishing and social engineering attacks remain the biggest threats to organizations in the cyber security space, as backed up by the evermore ambitious tactics ransomware groups are taking to target large corporations.

In this report, produced in association with Proofpoint, Cyber Security Hub dives into the latest email security trends and implementation advice, speaking to experts from the cyber security world who offer their best practices for protecting organizations from ransomware threats.

Download this report to discover:

  • Where the key vulnerabilities lie for organizations lacking sufficient email security defense strategies or platforms
  • How to successfully detect a security breach before it leads to data loss, information loss and email fraud
  • Which areas organizations should look at to block threat actors from carrying out successful attacks