How To Balance DJing With A Full-Time Job – Digital DJ Tips

Last updated 2 November, 2023

Love DJing, but also work a high-pressure job? You’re not alone, as many DJs in our community are dealing with the same issue. Watch the lesson replay for advice on balancing your DJ life with a full-time job.

About this lesson

This is a recording of one of our free Thursday Q&A Live DJ lessons – “the show where DJs get answers to things they didn’t know they didn’t know”.

In this lesson, we also discussed where to find older music, protecting your DJ gear, the big difference between static and motorised platters, and much more – timings below. To learn more about how our DJ courses can help you become a better DJ or DJ/producer, check out our courses page.

DJ questions answered this week:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:30 How to balance DJing with a full-time job?
  • 20:35 What’s the best way to protect DJ gear in full sun?
  • 21:59 Are smoke machines hazardous near a DJ set-up?
  • 22:21 Which DJ pools have 70s and 80s music?
  • 27:20 How much social media promo should I do before a DJ gig?
  • 32:50 Should I quit my day job to pursue DJing?
  • 36:41 How do you protect your DJ laptop at clubs?
  • 37:59 How do you record a mic separately on a DJ livestream?
  • 40:51 Is there a timing difference between static and motorised platters?

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