Guide: How vCISOs, MSPs and MSSPs Can Keep their Customers Safe from Gen AI Risks

Nov 08, 2023The Hacker NewsArtificial Intelligence / Cybersecurity

Keep Customers Safe from Gen AI Risks

Download the free guide, “It’s a Generative AI World: How vCISOs, MSPs and MSSPs Can Keep their Customers Safe from Gen AI Risks.”

ChatGPT now boasts anywhere from 1.5 to 2 billion visits per month. Countless sales, marketing, HR, IT executive, technical support, operations, finance and other functions are feeding data prompts and queries into generative AI engines. They use these tools to write articles, create content, compose emails, answer customer questions and generate plans and strategies.

However, gen AI usage is happening far in advance of efforts to implement safeguards and cybersecurity constraints. Three primary areas of security concern associated with generative AI are: sensitive data included in gen AI scripts, outcomes produced by these tools that may put an organization at risk, and potential hazards related to utilizing third-party generative AI tools.

Unchecked AI usage in organizations can lead to:

  • Major data breaches.
  • Compromised identities.
  • Loss of intellectual property.
  • Lawsuits for plagiarism.
  • Data privacy violations.

The solution, though, is not to stop the use of generative AI. Some may try that approach, but it is destined to fail. MSPs, MSSP and vCISOs should be proactive in bringing these security concerns to the attention of their clients. That’s what they expect from a true partner.

Staying ahead of emerging threats, vCISO platform provider Cynomi now offers a free guide providing instructions and tips on the immediate actions MSPs, MSSPs and virtual CISOs should take to protect their customers from gen AI associated risks. The guide helps security service providers in the task of raising awareness of the dangers posed by generative AI and an easy way to instruct customers on the processes and tools they should implement to safely use gen AI.

This guide offers vCISOs, MSPs and MSSPs a way to:

  • Help their customers achieve an understanding of the risks posed by gen AI.
  • Rapidly assess the cybersecurity and privacy challenges generative AI poses in customer environments.
  • Quickly set tailored policies and best practices to achieve safe use of gen AI in organizations.
  • Advise existing customers on further security and privacy tools that will help them close the door on areas of potential gen AI-based threats.

The guide, “It’s a Generative AI World: How vCISOs, MSPs and MSSPs Can Keep Their Customers Safe from Gen AI Risks,” offers service providers something they can immediately put to use to raise awareness to gen-AI related threats among their customers and shield them from the negative consequences of gen AI implementations.

Download the free guide.

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