Free Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 Training Tutorial & Video Manual

Last updated 15 December, 2023

Here is a comprehensive training tutorial and video manual for the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 controller. In this two-hour, fully indexed and chapterised hands-on tutorial, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the operation of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10.

Filmed in full 4K in the same studios where Digital DJ Tips makes its premium, paid-for DJ training courses, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 Training Tutorial & Video Manual is the result of several weeks of our deep-diving into every single feature, function and integration this unit offers, and battling with all the manuals, official updates and Pioneer DJ support sites so you don’t have to!

All you need to know about the DDJ-FLX10

For easy learning the tutorial has multiple camera angles, close-ups, clear explanations and a logical teaching order, taking you through EVERYTHING there is to know about the DDJ-FLX10.

This tutorial is essential viewing for everyone interested in this unit – whether you’re dreaming of (or making your mind up about) owning one, whether you’ve ordered one and are waiting for delivery and wish to hit the ground running, or whether you have one and just need some help understanding it.

Ad-free and straight to the point, this tutorial – like our similar tutorials for the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ, Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3, Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000, Denon DJ Prime 4, Denon DJ Prime 2, Denon DJ Prime Go, and Numark Mixstream Pro – is unlike anything else you’ll find out there, free or paid.

How to use this DDJ-FLX10 free training

This is presented as a single two-hour YouTube video. You can watch it directly from this page by clicking the video thumbnail above, or go to YouTube to watch it. Underneath the video in the description on YouTube you’ll find a full list of contents, so should you be searching for help with something in particular, check there.

Otherwise, simply settle down and watch it all the way through to get a full understanding of everything this highly capable DJ unit can do. We hope you enjoy it.

Click here to go straight to the free training video on YouTube

Wait, this is FREE?!

Yes, as with all our other similar video manuals (see above).

As a DJ school, we have nearly 40,000 students learning every aspect of DJing and music production with us. We make these free tutorials to help people get quickly up to speed with their gear because we don’t want lack of understanding of their DJ gear to get in the way of learning to be a DJ for our students. We think of these as “foundation courses” to take before buying one of our training courses.

Or look at it this way: Understanding your gear won’t make you a good DJ, but all good DJs understand their gear. So whether you decide to learn the actual skills of DJing with us or not, have this free training with our compliments – we hope you find it useful.

Your Next Step…

If you’re a pro-level DJ coming from other Pioneer DJ gear or another brand of DJ gear, this video will be all you need to get up to speed. But if you’re a beginner or intermediate DJ, a word of warning: This alone is not going to be enough to teach you how to DJ on the DDJ-FLX10. There are many skills successful DJs have, and mastering your gear is only one of them!

Pro or beginner, if you enjoy this free lesson and would like to take your DJing learning to the next step, here are two next steps for you among the courses available from us here at Digital DJ Tips, the world’s leading online school for DJs.

3 courses that go with your free DDJ-FLX10 training

  • The Complete DJ Course – Based on our Amazon best-selling book “Rock The Dancefloor!”, this course teaches the five big steps to DJing success, which are Gear, Music, Techniques, Performing, and Promoting Yourself. Having helped tens of thousands of students to become better DJs and DJ/producers, we know that this method is the fastest way to learn properly. This is the best course to take if you’re returning to DJing after a break, or brand new to this
  • Rekordbox Made Easy – The DDJ-FLX10 is “powered” by Rekordbox software. You’ll use it to prepare and analyse your music, to actually DJ from with your controller, and if you want to, to sync your music to the cloud. If you’re a “Pioneer DJ”, you’ll be using Rekordbox for the rest of your DJing life, so it pays over and over again to learn it properly
  • Serato Made Easy – The secondary choice of software on the FLX10, which it also “unlocks” like Rekordbox, is Serato DJ Pro. And like Rekordbox, Serato DJ Pro is a powerful platform with much more about it than we can squash into a two-hour tutorial about a single piece of hardware. This course is your “cheat code” to finally mastering Serato properly

All of these courses represent phenomenal investments in your DJing, and especially if you’re new or rusty around being a DJ, The Complete DJ Course is a proven route for DJs just like you to get up to speed, fast.

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