DJs: DO NOT IGNORE STEMS! (3 Reasons They’re A Game-Changer)

Last updated 7 November, 2023

Yeah, the sound quality of stems can sound s**** and half the DJs you see using them are making a right racket…but hold up! This is actually the biggest tech to hit DJing since keymixing.

In this live show replay, we discuss what stems are, why and how DJs should use them, and explain the three big reasons they’re a total game-changer.

Here’s what’s covered..

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:50 What exactly are “stems”?
  • 3:35 Why DJs NEED to use stems
  • 4:12 Stems sound quality
  • 5:08 How to get every acapella in the world
  • 5:48 Ultimate Vocal Remover
  • 8:58 Extracting song parts
  • 7:21 RipX DAW
  • 9:08 Instant creative experimentation
  • 11:56 How to beatgrid “beat-less” music
  • 13:14 The two benefits of Real-Time Stems DJing
  • 22:08 The big picture & how to stay ahead
  • 24:24 How To Mix With Acapellas (& Stems) – course sneak peek!
  • 42:50 What this means for the art of DJing

Learn to DJ with acapellas and stems the RIGHT way

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