DJing With Wireless Speakers & Headphones…But WHY?!

Last updated 12 October, 2023

Yup, it is possible to DJ with 100% wireless, ultra-low-latency speakers and headphones. But why would you want to? Watch the lesson for the reveal, and see the boxout below for more info on the AIAIAI wireless speakers and headphones featured in the show.

About this lesson

This is a recording of one of our free Thursday Q&A Live DJ lessons – “the show where DJs get answers to things they didn’t know they didn’t know”.

In this lesson, we also discussed the best tag editors for your music library, if other DJs actually use the crossfader while performing, whether the temperature in a venue affects the tracks you play, and much more – timings below. To learn more about how our DJ courses can help you become a better DJ or DJ/producer, check out our courses page.

DJ questions answered this week:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:19 Should DJs use wireless speakers and headphones?
  • 12:00 Are 7 inch monitors okay for a living room DJ set-up?
  • 16:07 How is the audio quality on wireless technology?
  • 16:52 What’s the best ID3 tag editor for DJs?
  • 23:31 How do I save my controller mapping in DJ software?
  • 30:28 Where can I buy speaker cases for 15 inch speakers?
  • 32:04 Can you fix jogwheel discrepancies on a DJ controller?
  • 36:12 Does MP3Tag let you edit artwork?
  • 38:46 Do many DJs actually use the crossfader while DJing?
  • 39:29 Can you DJ with multiple DJ platforms and still have the music library in the same location?
  • 42:56 Can you switch off a USB-powered DJ controller when you’re not using it?
  • 44:18 Does the temperature of the room affect the music DJs should play?
  • 46:31 How do you master the FX section on a Denon DJ Prime 4?

Wireless headphones and speakers for DJs

The AIAIAI UNIT-4s are unique in offering wireless speakers with ultra low latency, so you won’t hear a difference between what you do on your DJ gear, and what comes out of the monitors. For headphones, AIAIAI delivers similar tech with their TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ model – check out our full review here.

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