Data Breach at Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital Puts Patient Information at Risk

The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne has fallen victim to a data breach, raising concerns about the potential compromise of personal information belonging to 192 patients.

The Royal Women’s Hospital data breach occurred when cyber criminals gained unauthorized access to a staff member’s private email account, which had been used to review and coordinate patient appointments and care strategies.

The hospital promptly launched a forensic investigation led by cybersecurity experts to assess the extent of the Royal Women’s Hospital data breach.

The investigation revealed that the personal details of the affected individuals may have been accessed.

The affected patients were notified of the breach, with the majority receiving notification in the morning, while the remainder will be informed through registered mail.

Royal Women’s Hospital data breach explained

The hospital has taken immediate steps to address the situation, emphasizing that there was no breach of the hospital’s official email or IT systems.

Additionally, it was confirmed that the electronic medical records of the patients remain safe and secure within the Women’s electronic medical record system.

A spokesperson for the hospital expressed regret over the Royal Women’s Hospital data breach incident, stating, “We are taking this matter very seriously and apologize sincerely for any distress and inconvenience caused to affected patients,” according to

A dedicated hotline has been established to provide affected patients with access to cyber experts for comprehensive advice and support, along with free counseling services.

Patient Concerns Arise Amidst Royal Women’s Hospital Data Breach

One affected patient, Sylvia, shared her concerns, highlighting the gravity of the Melbourne hospital data breach.

She noted, “They were able to confirm at this stage what information (of mine) has appeared on the dark web, but they said there’s no guarantee that it won’t appear in future… My health records are safe in the hospital vault essentially but a lot of the other details have been leaked”, reported 9News.

The Royal Women’s Hospital is actively working to support affected patients and ensure they receive accurate information and necessary assistance.

The hospital remains committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of its patients’ sensitive information, and further steps are being taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

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