Cloud Storage Levels Reduced for Rekordbox Pro Users – Digital DJ Tips

Last updated 30 November, 2023

Pioneer DJ has announced a reduction in the amount of cloud storage available to users of its Rekordbox Professional plan. Pioneer DJ says the changes are due to a policy change at Dropbox, the provider of storage in this plan. Users with more than 5TB must reduce their usage to below this amount.

Pioneer DJ says it is important for all users who use more than 5TB of storage to reduce their use by the end of January 2024, and that their account would actually be deleted by the end of February 2024 were this not to happen.

This change does not affect users of the Rekordbox Creative plan (who make their own arrangements to store music in the cloud with either Dropbox or Google Drive), and it does not affect any other features or services in the Professional plan.

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How to check how much storage you’re using

To check your Dropbox cloud storage capacity on a Mac, click the Dropbox icon, open the Dropbox Professional DJ Team folder and view information by pressing Command and I. On Windows, open the same folder, right click and view properties.

What this means and our thoughts

One of the perks of using the Rekordbox Pro plan is that as well as keeping your music in the cloud, it’s also possible to use the provided Dropbox as your “general” Dropbox to keep anything else that you’d usually use Dropbox for there, too. When weighing up whether the Rekordbox Pro plan is worth it, this is something we always encourage users to take into account.

Most users won’t feel the effects of this change, as 5TB holds a ton of data.

While this hasn’t changed, the 5TB limit is now the level at which you have to maintain your Dropbox account in order to use it. For the vast majority of users, this won’t make any difference at all, as 5TB is an awful lot of data. However, if you are using more than 5TB for whatever reason, this is your advance warning to reduce it or lose access to your account (or even all your data).

While that sounds drastic, in this instance it appears Pioneer DJ’s hands are tied by Dropbox and Dropbox’s own policies. For the serious DJ with a large music collection and also general Dropbox use, we think Rekordbox Pro still represents decent value even with this new limitation.

  • In a separate recent development, Rekordbox has announced revisions to its Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, which apparently actually came into force many months ago, but have only just been announced. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t outline what has changed, so good luck ploughing through all the small print if you’re interested in these things. I think companies really should make this stuff simpler for their users.

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