CISO strategies for proactive threat prevention

In the face of new and emerging threats cyber security executives must remain vigilant but also creative as they attempt to protect their organizations against today’s threat actors.

Ever-innovating threats require CISOs to consider moving from a reactive strategy that relies on traditional antivirus solutions to a prevent-first strategy that stops the threat before it can act.

Businesses often rush to react to the last ransomware attack yet do nothing to prevent the next one. In addition, a large portion of an organization’s cyber security budget is focused on reactive solutions to combat cyberattacks.

This approach leads to ineffective and drained resources, such as employee burnout, inability to stay ahead of an attack and alert fatigue.

This report will reveal what strategies CISOs ought to consider as they adopt prevent-first strategies with the use of EPP, EDR, MDR and managed XDR solutions.

Download this report to learn:

  • How to shift from a reactive to a prevent-first strategy
  • Being a cost effective CISO by leveraging managed services
  • Why artificial intelligence (AI) is a key element of a preventative approach