CISO considerations for managed XDR investment

Companies of all sizes are being challenged to install policies and secure data on a growing number of devices, which leads to an increased volume of alerts to be managed.

All this, while balancing the skills and resources gap in IT and cyber security.

CISOs and security owners, especially those operating small and medium sized businesses, face several challenges, including stretched budgets, lack of in-house resources, misconfigured security solutions and existing traditional solutions that are unable to keep pace with today’s threat landscape.

They must be able to optimize their existing security investments to battle ever-evolving security threats and alert fatigue.

Extended detection and response (XDR) is the latest addition to the detection and response solution family. Managed XDR provides specialist analysts and threat prevention experts that can help operate security systems.

In this exclusive report, CS Hub explores the reasons many organizations are turning to XDR, CISO’s top considerations before investing in XDR, and the value of managed-XDR-as-a-service.

Download this report to learn:

  • Why CISOs choose to add XDR to their detection and response strategy
  • How SMBs can use managed XDR to fill knowledge gaps in their own teams
  • What the ROI looks like after an investment in managed XDR