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As 2023 draws to a close and we look ahead to 2024, we’re bringing you our picks of the best new gear this year, from drum machines to turntables.

Best new DJ headphones 2023: AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ XE

AIAIAI’s modular headphones have been a staple in studios and DJ booths for well over a decade now. The original TMA-1s and their TMA-2 successors offer a unique modular design, which has a lot of advantages. Not only can you customise the headphones to match your own preferences in terms of headbands, cables, driver units and the like, but you can also rest assured that every individual element is available to buy as a replacement unit should something get broken – great for peace of mind but also great for sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

In recent years, the Danish brand has filled out their product range a little, breaking away from the standard TMA-2s with wireless models, and even introducing a new range of studio monitors. The XE series offers a slightly more affordable take, with lightweight headbands but otherwise similar components to the more premium models. When we reviewed the TMA-2 Studio XE back in 2022, we hailed it as a sweet spot in the TMA-2 range, slightly cheaper and lighter than the standard model but essentially offering 99% the same experience as the standard TMA-2 model. This year, the DJ version of the TMA-2 XE followed along, and sure enough it’s a similar story.

The TMA-2 DJ XE teams that lightweight H01 headband with AIAIAI’s ‘balanced’ S01 drivers, PU leather-coated memory foam E02 on-ear pads and C05 straight 1.5 m cable, all familiar elements from other variations of the TMA-2s. For some, they might not be quite as comfortable around the headband as the standard TMA-2 DJ, but frankly there’s very little in it and the £60 saving gets you a very similar pair of headphones to the full-priced version, albeit with a slight tonal difference thanks to the different drivers in use here.

They offer a more affordable entry point into TMA-2 ownership than the standard model, but with almost all the benefits, from the well-established TMA-2 comfort and durability through to the neat little details like a locking cable entry and screw-on stereo jack adaptor. You can even upgrade them to wireless versions in the future should you so wish. Great value at their current offer price of £106.99.

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