Algoriddim’s djay Pro 5 Brings Amazing Beatgridding & New Stems

Last updated 6 December, 2023

Algoriddim has unveiled djay Pro 5, the latest update to its DJ software suite for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. This version introduces a much more sophisticated AI music separation technology, developed in partnership with AudioShake. The new Neural Mix allows DJs to isolate vocals and instruments with unprecedented speed in real-time, at a far higher quality than before..

Enhanced mixing technologies

The update also features Algoriddim’s new Crossfader Fusion and Fluid Beatgrid technologies. Crossfader Fusion offers DJs a novel way to blend tracks with a collection of smart transition presets, while Fluid Beatgrid provides a dynamic new beatmixing system that automatically adjusts to tempo changes, facilitating smooth transitions across various musical genres, in a way not achieved by anyone on DJ software until now.

The innovative Crossfader Fusion tech gives DJs a completely new, clever way to blend tracks together.

djay Pro 5 also brings a refreshed user interface and numerous performance enhancements, including a Starter Mode on iOS when used in Portrait mode, designed to help new users get up to speed without losing out on the app’s advanced features.

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Available as a free download on the App Store, djay Pro’s full feature set can be accessed with a Pro subscription at $/£/$7 per month or $/£/$50 per year. A free seven-day trial is offered for new subscribers. For more information or to download, visit Algoriddim’s website.

First Thoughts

djay Pro has always been a popular DJ app (ever since it was the only app to work with Spotify, a collab unfortunately long gone). However, it has tended to be the most popular “second choice” for many professional DJs, who generally use different apps in their daily work (our own Laidback Luke being a notable exception). Apple-centric and well-designed, it’s always been technologically ahead of most other DJ software.

Catching up on pro features

But while its streaming-first, beginner-friendly image belies the power under the hood, nonetheless it has sometimes lacked some of the professional features we take for granted on other platforms. One such area for us was always the quality of its beatgrids. Now, though, djay Pro 5 has leapt over everyone else with an intelligent beatgrid system that “just works”. We spend some time digging deeper into it in our full djay Pro 5 review.

It’s not only that, though. djay Pro was first on the scene with stems, but had fallen behind quality-wise, with no updates for several years. But now, it has leap-frogged everyone else once more thanks to its clever collaboration with AudioShake, an acknowledged leader in pro-quality stems.

Have loads of tracks that fluctuate in tempo? You’re going to love djay Pro 5’s intelligent beatgrid system.

Both of these advancements make the third big innovation here – the new “Crossfader Fusion” effects – possible. And whether you agree with our tutor DJ ANGELO, who thinks they’re nothing short of a revolution in DJing, or whether it’s something you’ll just never use, they’re typical of Algoriddim’s forward-thinking with new features…which might appear gimmicky to some people, but to others can be a real game-changer.

Better music management, please!

For us, the one thing that’s left holding this app back is decent management of a local music library across devices. Apple’s solution is not ideal for DJs, but Algoriddim sticks with it. And so, in the future, this is something we’d like to see Algoriddim putting more work into.

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Overall though, this is a huge leap forward and still great value at a relatively low monthly subscription across both platforms. (By the way, the iOS and iPadOS versions are exactly the same as the version that runs on macOS – another product of thoroughly modern programming under the hood.)

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