“A pure diamond” – Gigi Masin pays tribute to late Music From Memory founder Jamie Tiller | Juno Daily

Tiller died, aged 44, in a tragic accident

Jamie Tiller

Jamie Tiller has been described as “a real jewel” by Gigi Masin, one of a number of artists who released music through his Music From Memory label.

Tiller died, aged 44, on October 15 in a “tragic accident” and the label’s other founders Boris van der Hoff, Tako Reyenga and Nick Verbakel wrote in a statement: “Jamie was an absolute inspiration and an amazing friend. He approached music with a purity and humility that gave joy to so many. He leaves behind a legacy that will continue to touch and inspire people all around the world. He will be greatly missed.”

Gigi Masin

Gigi Masin, whose Talk To The Sea album was the label’s second release, told Juno Daily: “Sometimes you hear that this person was a white swan, to enhance their human qualities, to tell you how much better and different they were from others.

“Jamie was a real jewel, a pure diamond that amazed you with his kindness, nobility of soul and at the same time his firmness in the things he loved, his idea of music to which to say thank you is not enough.

“What we are left with is an immense gift, made up of hugs and smiles, words and projects, looks towards tomorrow, joy and honor, the immense honor of having met a rainbow that has crossed our lives.”

Meanwhile, a Gofundme campaign has been launched to raise funds for Tiller’s wife Tasya and their six year old son Max, who face unexpected expenses from the sudden death including travel fees, paperwork processing costs and an immigration lawyer, which Tasya needs in order to stay in Berlin.

As of October 30, well over two thirds of the campaign’s 45,000 Euro campaign had already been raised.

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