6 Reasons Local Clubs Are Shutting Down – Digital DJ Tips

Last updated 23 October, 2023

Why is the local club scene dying? A residency in one of these used to be a tried-and-tested route to DJing success. But times are hard, and loads of them are shutting down. Why? In this live show replay, we investigate six likely culprits, and give solid advice on what DJs should do next.

Here’s what’s covered..

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:39 What clubbing means to us
  • 3:21 Why are nightclubs shutting down?
  • 5:17 Phones are killing the vibe (Reason #1)
  • 7:13 Everyone has access to the same music (Reason #2)
  • 9:00 Big events and festivals have taken over (Reason #3)
  • 10:37 Economic downturns (Reason #4)
  • 11:51 Gentrification of city areas (Reason #5)
  • 13:52 The rise of online connections (Reason #6)
  • 14:40 What’s the answer?

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