5 Reasons DJs Should Use Beatgrids – Digital DJ Tips

Last updated 7 December, 2023

“Real DJs don’t use beatgrids” blah blah blah. Well, you should! We’ve picked five BIG reasons to share with you, so check out the lesson replay above for the reveal.

Here’s what’s covered…

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:14 Why bother with beatgrids?
  • 3:40 Creates perfect loops
  • 4:46 Effects rely on it
  • 5:14 Smooths out tempo changes
  • 6:15 Makes sync work correctly
  • 8:43 Easier to mix older tracks
  • 10:32 What DJing is actually about
  • 14:33 With a pro club set-up, is it worth paying for Rekordbox Professional?
  • 17:22 When mixing with stems, does everything need to be in key?
  • 22:36 What improvements would you like to see in Algoriddim’s djay Pro software?
  • 32:08 What makes a DJ “average”?
  • 34:17 How can DJs “pre-read” a crowd?
  • 36:04 Should I upgrade Platinum Notes 4 to the newest version?
  • 38:39 What’s the best software for DJing with an iPad?
  • 43:15 What’s up with your record collection?
  • 44:41 Thoughts on using VirtualDJ software?
  • 47:53 Why don’t stems work with Tidal streaming?

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