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Vulnerability Testing and Assessment Services

Complete Vulnerability Testing

Cyberattackers are adept at finding your network’s weakest points to access your systems.

But what if you could find those vulnerabilities and fix them before they could be used against you?

Digital Creations’ vulnerability assessment services are designed to do just that. By conducting regular scans of your network, we can quickly spot weaknesses and remediate them to keep your systems secure. As an experienced IT services provider, we bring our expertise to your systems to keep your company safe.

Know Your Cybersecurity Vulnerability – Before They Do

To protect your business from malicious actors, you need a regular, reliable assessment of your network security. Digital Creations’ technicians and security experts know how to find — and fix — the vulnerabilities that put your business at risk.


Comprehensive Security Services

Digital Creations offers a robust suite of managed security services designed to meet the needs of almost any organization.

Cost Effective

Cost-Effective Protection

Dedicating full-time IT staff to vulnerability scanning can be an expensive use of resources. Outsourcing these services keeps you protected for less.


A Proactive Approach to Security

The best time to stop an attack is before it begins. Vulnerability scanning is one of the most effective ways to be proactive about your cybersecurity.

Vulnerability Testing & Assessment Benefits

Outsourcing your IT services is one of the most cost-effective ways to add new capabilities to your organization without hiring new full-time staff. Outsourced IT ensures you get the expertise that you need to keep your organization safe and secure.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing vulnerability assessments:

Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Your networks, data, and systems are key assets to your organization. With managed security vulnerability scanning, you’ll keep those assets protected.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Vulnerability Prioritization

Not sure where to begin? When you deploy vulnerability scanning, your systems at highest risk will be the first ones prioritized for remediation.

Effecient Operations

Timely, Effective Remediation

The best way to stop a cyberattacker is to close your vulnerabilities before they’re found. Security scanning is the first step to quickly addressing those gaps.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

When you know your systems are regularly scanned and reviewed for possible weaknesses, you’ll rest a whole lot easier.

Types of Vulnerability Services Offered

If you’re trying to protect your networks through patching alone, your systems could be in danger. Why? Because such updates are simply no longer enough to deter cyberattackers.

Instead, you need a proactive approach that identifies weaknesses before a malicious actor can take advantage of them. Security vulnerability scanning is the best way to do it.

Here are the vulnerability services Digital Creations can offer.

Vulnerability Scan

Regular Vulnerability Security Scanning

Scanning your systems once won’t stop cyberattacks. Instead, you need regular scans to continually evaluate your network for possible security gaps and vulnerabilities hackers might try to exploit. By repeatedly conducting these scans, we can ensure you’re protected even against new or emerging threats to your systems.

Risk Assessment

Expert Vulnerability Review

The landscape of cybersecurity is constantly shifting. Attackers won’t rest from seeking new ways to exploit your networks, and every time you update your systems it could inadvertently introduce a new weakness. You need an experienced team of cybersecurity experts who will evaluate your systems with the most up-to-date knowledge and prioritize your most urgent vulnerabilities.

Proactive Security Response

Proactive Security Response

Identifying a weakness is only half of the battle — your systems will remain vulnerable until a fix is applied. When it comes to your network, there’s no time to waste. That’s why Digital Creations works quickly to close any vulnerability revealed by a security scan, protecting the systems your business relies on.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic, Big-Picture Thinking

When you outsource your IT services to a managed provider, you need to know they’ll take the big picture into account. Digital Creations’ approach is to ensure that security vulnerability scanning is one facet of a larger strategy designed around your needs and objectives.